Cargo delivery to & from other countries

Marius Gudavičius

Transport manager

Tel.: +370 37 407738

For freight rates to / from the Republic of Poland, please contact the above contacts.

Price list

On our website you can check the zip code of consignor/consignee in Poland. The exact address is not required, you only have to enter a city name in Polish in the miejscowości field: (e.g.: Warsaw).

Greta Paulauskaitė

Logistics manager

Tel.: +370 37 407738

Price list of cargo delivery to & from Latvia and Estonia.

Svoris kg, ikiTūris m³, ikiRyga, Eur*Kiti Latvijos regionai, Eur*Estija, Eur*

Prices do not include VAT;

The price is calculated for each package of the consignment / cargo separately, according to the larger parameter – weight or volume;

Completion / printing of CMR consignment note 3 EUR / cargo;

Loading and unloading works of consignments heavier than 30 kg, loading manually – 3.0 Eur / 100 kg, calculated in 100 kg intervals;

Downtime due to the fault of the Sender / Recipient when picking up / delivering the cargo 20 Eur / hour (calculated at 15 minute intervals). Waiting counts from the 30th minute;

Return of original CMR waybills to the customer 5 Eur at a time;

Delivery 1-2 working days in Riga, 2-3 working days in other regions and Estonia;

Prices are for consignments up to 30 kg, counting per box as one consignment;

The second table shows half of the standard and standard euro pallet prices.

For non-standard cargo, prices are negotiated separately. A package exceeding 1 meter in length is considered a non-standard cargo.